2019 BGI Systems
February Super Conference

February 8-10, 2019
Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel
Atlanta, GA



  1. 2 FREE Key Staff Member Tickets
    Bring your spouse, key business partners, key employees, or 1099 associates with you.  2 heads are better than 1… 3 better than 2…  This is a huge benefit that many agents don’t take advantage of.  There is no better way to reinvigorate staff than to send them to one of our events!  Your first 2 staff people are FREE (a $394 value!)  If you choose to bring more, 3+ staff people are just $197 each additional.
  2. BGI Systems Toolkit… ALL the Tools and Systems You’ll Need…
    It’s a GIGANTIC TOOLKIT … manuals, templates and marketing materials that are customizable. You’ll get out Operations Manual, Training Manual, Marketing Manual, Sales Manual and Employee Handbook. This ONE resource alone is worth more than 10 times the price of admission and it’s yours FREE when you join us in Atlanta.

FREE Lunch for Everyone all 3 Days

Why Should You Attend?

This is a unique experience unlike any other Insurance industry seminars, trade shows or events you may have attended and is entirely focused on 4 key things: revenue generation, strategic and profitable growth, marketing and Insurance Agency SUCCESS.

  • It is NOT just about “positive thinking” and motivation – although you will feel highly motivated when you leave. “More motivation” is a far too simplistic answer to the tough problems you are dealing with in your Insurance Agency. You need ANSWERS, clarity and solid, proven advice – which is exactly what you will get when you attend.
  • It is NOT about delivering boring, dry vendor pitches. Go to any of the other industry trade shows to hear that. We’re bringing in highly successful business owners to talk about how to be a smarter, more effective and successful entrepreneur and how to be a leader in your Insurance Agency.
  • It is NOT about working more, spending more time at the office or being on-call 24-7 or staying trapped “doing” the work…
  • It IS about being an active participant in a unique and extremely productive environment to help you get refocused on doing the RIGHT things instead of getting sucked into other people’s urgencies, priorities and distractions.
  • It IS about getting all the education possible from the experts
  • It IS about putting in place well-thought-out plans for turning the sales slump around and shaking off the last dregs of the recession and about equipping you with a sales and marketing system that is founded in real-world, proven strategies that work – not opinions, theories or hype.
  • It IS about receiving step-by-step proven systems showing what the most successful agents are doing
  • It IS about providing you with the ONLY opportunity to see, in great depth, exactly how your peers are breaking through their current income, time and staff limitations to achieve phenomenal new levels of growth and income.
  • It is also about you getting to spend 3 full days with other success-focused Agency Owners who are “heavy users” of my strategies and methods, many of whom have been with me for years and can attribute huge increases in their personal wealth to the marketing and business-building strategies I’ve given them.
  • It IS about walking away with a written, documented plan of action for you and your team that we will start working on Day 1!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Register
For The BGI Systems Super Conference:

  • The Proven, Ready-To-Use, Specific, Revenue-Boosting Strategies. No other conference or event in the Insurance industry delivers as many usable, tested and proven strategies, examples and tools for attracting more clients and closing more sales THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO YOUR INSURANCE AGENCY. When you leave, you’ll have dozens of ready-to-use, actionable campaigns you can take home and instantly apply in your Insurance Agency to generate results fast.
  • To Hang Out With Winners, Not Whiners. There is a positive energy and a willingness to share at BGI’s conferences that is unlike any other in the industry. Plus, the people who attend BGI’s conferences are DOERS. When you attend you’ll be impressed not only with the incredible success, growth and results these Agency Owners are achieving, but also their generosity and willingness to share their strategies with you. If you struggle with marketing your business and you’re not happy with the revenue and profits you’re generating, you need to be here, with us, learning and soaking up the energy.
  • An Amazing Lineup Of Speakers, Authors And Experts. Every year, we bring in top-notch, world-class experts and speakers that present on everything from sales-generating marketing plans to business strategies that will increase profitability, personal development lessons that will give you the kick-in-the-butt you may need, proven business-growing ideas, real-world examples of other Agency Owner successes, and more. Our attendees say every year that they are always over-the-top impressed with the caliber of speakers that we bring in for this event and the takeaways they go home with from the speakers are ones that directly impact their business.
  • The Battery-Charging Experience. Year after year, people RAVE about the life-changing experience they have when attending this conference – and this is not a “rah-rah” motivational event, although you will leave feeling highly inspired. In fact, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to leave this event without feeling a fresh new excitement about your business and confidence in yourself to hit your biggest goals.
  • The Tangible Return On Your Investment GUARANTEED. Every year we make the same guarantee: At the end of the conference, if you don’t feel absolutely certain that the content, speakers and takeaways were worth FAR MORE than the time and money invested to attend and that you can use them to generate a massive return on your investment, we’ll refund every penny you paid. Who else makes that kind of guarantee on their conference? Absolutely NO ONE. That’s because other conferences are technically focused, teaching you how to be a better technician or operations manager – that’s NOT where the money is! Instead, we focus the entire 4 days on how we can make you more successful in generating profits in your pockets, period.


2019 Super Conference

February 8-10, 2019
Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel
One Hartsfield Centre Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30354

You Are Protected
By My Outrageous
Money-Back Guarantee!


If after attending the ENTIRE Super Conference you don’t see value in what we share with you, just say so — and you’ll be given a FULL “no questions asked” refund of your investment. No hard feelings. We’ll even part as friends.

Here’s What Attendees Are Saying About BGI Systems And Our Events

“You’ll always pick up something that you can use along the way.”
Cheryl Bowker, Livonia, MI

“The information is INSANE.
It’s incredible!”
Kevin Spann, Middle Village, NY