Here’s What Attendees Are Saying About BGI Systems And The Event


“The content is unbelievable.”
Sean O’Donohoe, Galveston, TX

“The information is INSANE. It’s incredible.”
Kevin Spann, Middle Village, NY

“A level of exception compared to their peers”
Corey Hinson, Rock Hill, SC

“A lot of take-aways.”
Dan Mahurin, Grain Valley, MO

“We went from 60 to 180 cars per month!”
Kent Schwab“Since implementing the processes and techniques I learned at Bill’s BGI Marketing conferences I have seen my Auto production TRIPLE!  We went from 60 to 180 cars per month! This is the reason that I never miss a BGI event and why I encourage you to attend.”

Kent Schwab, Agency Owner, Baltimore, MD


“…auto production has TRIPLED, property almost DOUBLED,and life and financial DOUBLED”
Steven Marcus
“Since the last 3 day BGI Training Camp and MasterMind meeting, our auto production has TRIPLED, property almost DOUBLED,and life and financial DOUBLED also.  The staff is really responding to your suggestions, their production is better than ever, and their morale is sky-high!”

– Steven Marcus, Agency Owner, Miami, FL

“Our retention has increased 3.18% in only 11 months.”
DeveryPrince“The best agents are always looking for the next practice or process that will get them one step closer to their goal. Never in our 13 year career have we made so many wholesale changes based on the vision and philosophy of only one person. In early 2008, I retained Bill Gough to consult with my agency specifically around increasing retention. Historically our agency has done a very good job around growth with a 13 year track record of continuous growth, however we were not meeting our own retention requirements, and we were unnecessarily leaving commissions and RFG bonus dollars on the table. Bill’s system made an immediate retention difference. At our primary location, our retention has increased 3.18% in only 11 months. That’s an additional $19,125 of annual agency income that will continue to roll in year after year. The ROI is staggering. Bill’s system, vision, and commitment to proven practices and processes have completely transformed our retention philosophy and results. Bill also helped us with some referral practices that substantially kick-started our growth initiative. I hired him to advise me with retention, but once you invite Bill in the door, he starts looking around and helping you with every aspect of your business. My advice to you is to join Bill’s program. There are few people in the country with Bill’s knowledge, skill, expertise, and passion for building successful insurance agencies. Frankly, you probably can’t afford not to work with him… I certainly couldn’t.”

– Devery Prince, Agency Owner, Anchorage, AK

“…really happy with the response I’ve received.”
John Koch
“I wanted to tell you that I am really happy with the response I’ve received so far from my customers on the email contact program. I bet I received at least 50 emails from customers thanking me for the information and that they really appreciate it. We have actually written two policies as a result of the emails. The request for quotes came right off as a reply to your contact email. It’s all about being in front of people when the thought of insurance pops up. One of the responses: ‘ I just opened my renewal from Geico and since my home is with you I not sure why I don’t have my auto with you. Can you quote it?’ My reply was ‘Yes we can!’ and we actually wrote the policy a few days later.”

–  John Koch, Agency Owner, Baltimore, MD

“…take advantage of this if you want to increase your revenue and the value of your agency.”
Dick Mckenna
“I must tell you, Bill Gough’s Boot Camp is very, very impressive. I would recommend it to any agent, regardless of how long you’ve been an agent. Bill and his staff were just terrific. I would encourage everybody to please take advantage of this if you want to increase your revenue and the value of your agency.”

– Dick McKenna, Agency Owner, Roslyn Heights, NY

“This should be required of anybody becoming an Allstate agent.”
James Grusheski
“Bill Gough is a fantastic guy and I decided to attend his event because of Bill’s reputation for putting processes together, increasing retention, writing new business, and getting referrals. I needed to improve those things in my agency and his event has been tremendous! This should be required of anybody becoming an Allstate agent. This is a tremendous roadmap and it tells you how to hit the ground running to set up a wonderful marketing plan with all the steps and processes laid out before you.”

– James Grusheski, Agency Owner, Savannah, GA


“We achieved Chairman’s Conference for the first time in my entire career with a 7.6 RFG score…”
Rob Cambias
“Our Agency’s results from following Bill’s advice have been so much more than I would have ever dreamed.  We achieved Chairman’s Conference for the first time in my entire career with a 7.6 RFG score in 2010.  With the bonus we received this year, I bought my wife a Mercedes.  I also have reinvested some of the bonus money back into my business.  Without Bill Gough’s help this would have never happened.”

– Rob Cambias, Agency Owner, Metairie, LA


“…we have revolutionized our agency for the better!”
Stan Wybersky
“I have implemented all of the systems and methods that Bill Gough taught me at his event to great success! From task lists to production and new business logs we have revolutionized our agency for the better! Attending this event was well worth my time and it would be well worth your time as well!”

– Stan Wybersky, Agency Owner, Manassas, VA


“…marketing system that provides for the needs of an active agency.”
Wayne Corley
“Your program has changed my thinking and has greatly affected marketing this agency. Implementation has already provided positive feedback from many clients. Having been in the insurance business for 28 years, it is very refreshing to have a marketing system that provides for the needs of an active agency. No longer can agents keep doing the same thing while everything is changing so rapidly. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This system is providing the structure to quickly target specific clients, market clients with smart communications, thus service my client base more effectively. Thank you for being a friend and ally in making my business run more efficiently.”

– Wayne Corley, Agency Owner, Peachtree City, GA


“34% Growth”
“When I came to the 11/2008 seminar I implemented several items including the newsletter, referral contest, processes and experienced a 34% growth in 2009. Allstate was so impressed they seeded my agency over 400 policies in November.  That saved me about $80,000 that I would have had to pay to buy those levels and about 18,000 in commission. Thank you Bill and the BGI staff for an amazing event!  I feel like the energizer bunny!!!”

– Donna Maguire, Agency Owner, Cheney, WA

“…a room full of great minds.”
David Cohran
“Great seminar!  What a great place to be, in a room full of great minds.  Of all the insurance classes I’ve attended, this has been the most productive I have gone to.  This is what I have been asking for the last ten years.  Although I am an agent I have always felt like an employee, I feel now I can cut the cord and work for myself.  I’m going home to start the winning process and watch success grow.”

David Cohran, Agency Owner, Pineville, LA


“This is life changing.”
Paul Phaneuf
“Everything you teach is REAL WORLD and by far the best training we get.  Your system for hiring and paying a “Sales Superstar” on straight commission is pure genius.  My “Sales Superstar” is producing $40-50,000.00 per month in new business premium!!!  This is life changing.”

– Paul Phanuef, Agency Owner, Tampa, FL


“I have done more to improve my business in 30 days than I have in the last 10 years.”
“I now have your email process going and I plan to send out my first newsletter in December. We are also converting to E-bridge and E-agent at the present time. We have continued to write business during this, but I am optimistic that we will see the results of these processes in December and January. I feel I have done more to improve my business in 30 days than I have in the last 10 years.”

– Gary A. Hicks, Agency Owner, Middletown, OH

“It’s worth every dollar.”
Erick Ellgren
“Bill’s enthusiasm, the material, the ideas and creativity have all exceeded my expectations tenfold. It’s worth every dollar. I’ve come about as far as you can in the United States to get here, being from Hawaii and spent a little bit more money than most to be here, and it’s worth every penny. I think it would be very helpful for anybody to take the time, energy, and money. You’ll get more than you put in from this when you get back to your office.”

– Erick Ellgren, Agency Owner, Honolulu, HI


“…pages full of new ideas and processes.”
Jorge Milanes
“Just wanted to thank you guys for putting together such a wonderful event. Even though it was my third event, I always seem to leave with pages full of new ideas and processes.”

– Jorge Milanes, Agency Owner, Homestead, FL


“…I was inundated with valuable information”
Linda Fullman
“At the Ultimate Insurance Training Camp I was inundated with valuable information that I know can be immediately implemented to achieve optimal results.  I didn’t sleep a wink during that trip due to the fact that my head was spinning from all of the great ideas that were shared.   I spent a great deal of time in my hotel room reviewing my pages of notes and feeling inspired and wanting to rush back to the agency to put those ideas into practice.

It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff.  It was time and money well spent from learning from the best.”

– Linda Fullman, Agency Owner, Longview, TX


“JAM PACKED full of useful information!”
“I came to this meeting for the information needed to help grow my agency. I was very impressed with the direct mail piece and the Referral Program that Bill is doing. After 34 years, we’re looking for ways to increase penetration of our book of business and become more successful in running our agency. I feel that the Referral Program is going to be a huge way to drive more customers to the office. I plan to begin advertising the agency as an individual, instead of just an Allstate commodity. I would definitely recommend Bill’s seminars, because they are JAM PACKED full of useful information!”

– Doug Haines, Agency Owner, Ft. Wayne, IN

“You’ll always pick up something that you can use along the way.”
Cheryl Bowker, Livonia, MI

“It was informative and inspiring!”
Manolo Tristan, Dallas, TX

“There are so many great agents here sharing some great things!”
Michael Weaver, Waldorf, MD

“Learned so much from all of these high-powered agents!”
Miguel Gonzalez, Bolingbrook, IL

“So many people asking me how they can help me and my agency.”
Matt Steele, Bloomfield, NY

“Help grow and build your business.”
Tom Wohrley, Parker, CO

“I always get a couple nuggets of wisdom.”
Todd Ray, Tomball, TX

“Bill has ‘cracked the code.’”
“Having spent 5 years in Allstate Field Sales Leadership and the last 6 years as an Exclusive Agent, I have seen both sides of the fence. I was lucky to have worked “hands on” with several Inner Circle winners including Bill and know what it takes to be a top producer.  Furthermore, I have seen many different styles and approaches to making it to the top and staying there. In my opinion, Bill has “cracked the code.”  The thing that has always intrigued me about Bill is his ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace, such as when the company changes guidelines or market direction as they have recently.  He takes simple ideas and improves them to the point of perfection.  If you are looking to sharpen your agency owner skills, there is no one better to help you do it than Bill Gough.  It is my pleasure to recommend Bill Gough’s marketing system to you”

– Jerry Brunson, Agency Owner, Huntsville, AL


“I took 23 pages of notes!!”
“At first, I was a little reluctant to come, because I thought, ‘Well, what’s Bill going to really show me? What’s he going to teach us? Well, I have learned a ton (I took 23 pages of notes!!). Coming to Bill’s event is a phenomenal opportunity for ANYBODY, new and old agents alike. Bill has opened up the doors to his agency and given everyone here an opportunity to see what’s inside from how he runs the agency, to the marketing he implements, all the way down to the processes that keep his staff going. It is a priceless opportunity! Not only are you getting all of the material, but you are getting to network with other agents that have some of the same goals you do. Coming to one of the these events is a must, no question about it. I definitely recommend becoming involved in Bill’s events and coaching program. This is a HUGE opportunity!”

– Eugene Ungermann, Agency Owner, Los Angeles, CA


“Our trip to the BGI Event really energized us…”
“…when we got back, we really set to work creating a “Referral Atmosphere” within our agency. We also realized the importance of getting in front of our customers – and staying there! We know now that we have to do a whole lot more than rely on our one annual customer review call and a holiday card to get our customers to give us referrals and think of us first for financial services. We started using email and making the mail we have to send out more interesting. Can’t wait until Las Vegas!”

– Justin Young, Agency Owner, South Park, PA

“I encourage everybody to attend.”
Jeff Skolnick, Centennial, CO


“Our growth has increased by 20 polices per month!”
“We have done so many things, too many to list  since Atlanta. We have really kicked it into gear. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have attended. Our Growth has increased by 20 policies per month, our Retention has increased from 87% to 88%, and we seem to be moving full steam ahead. I feel the seminar gave us the courage to venture out of the “normal” daily routines, and try new things, shake things up a bit, and have fun doing it. I thank you for the time you and your team took to spend with us. It was a pleasure to meet you and your staff. It was just what we needed to jump start our imaginations as to what can be done to get to the next level.”

– Angelia Veliquette, Agency Owner, San Antonio, TX

“…it’s going to be a turning point in your life.”
“We came to the seminar to help grow our business. We decided that it was time to jump in, time to take charge and time to take our business in a different direction. This was the first seminar that I’ve ever been to that I haven’t looked at my watch. It’s been packed full of information. We haven’t had one moment that was dull. If you don’t want to grow, if you want to stay stagnant and you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing, then don’t come to this, because after you leave here, it’s going to be a turning point in your life. It’s going to be a turning point in your agencies direction, as far growth goes. It’s a must do for those that are ready to move.”

– David Christopher, Agency Owner, Addison, TX