“Hear Yee, Hear Yee… We Declare This
YOUR Opportunity For ‘Financial Independence’…”

Give Me 3 Days in February…
And I’ll Give You
Financial Freedom For Life
Coming This New Year… The Insurance Training
Event You’ve Been Waiting For…

NEW Clients! NEW Profits! NEW Life!

…WHERE They Are, HOW To Find Them, And How To EXPLODE
Your Business Being a MARKETING AUTHORITY Using the SYSTEMS and STRATEGIES Revealed At This Extraordinary 3-Day Event…

No Matter The State of The Economy, or Your Local Market – You Can Begin NOW Building
Real, Lasting Relationships With Your Clients, Shovel-Loads of Referrals, Skyrocketing
With The “BGI Systems’ 90-Day ‘Ah-Ha’ Action Planner” That
Promises To Give YOU The Insurance Business of Your Dreams — GUARANTEED!

In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson famously wrote that “All men are created equal.” Maybe so…but I can tell you from my 34 years of experience in the insurance business and from working closely with thousands of insurance agency owners and our clients that “All Customer RELATIONSHIPS are NOT Created Equal.

“The Insurance Markets Are Flooded With “Lowest Rate” Agents”

This Event Will Not Only Be Income Changing.
…It Will Be Life Changing.

Several years ago, I shifted the focus of my insurance business by going on a personal mission to study the inner workings of our industry. My research was not done at the corporate level, but rather from a hands-on, ‘grassroots’ perspective. After years of testing, tweaking, and experimentation in my “marketing lab” …I have discovered the “secret formula” – THE KEYS THAT UNLOCKED MY SUCCESS TO EXTRAORDINARY LEVELS OF FINANCIAL ACHIEVEMENT AND FULFILLMENT.

I CANNOT be gentle the way I say this, even though you won’t like hearing it, but…

The Traditional Ways You’re Marketing Your Business ARE

If you want to attract TOP LEVEL clients, sell at premium prices, AND enjoy a quantum leap in the quality of your client RELATIONSHIPS…you need to understand the formula – then understand how to implement it. That sounds obvious, but every day I see insurance agency owners who fail to understand the basic secrets to our business.

You MUST “get over” – the self-sabotaging thought that working harder will automatically provide you with better clients, better income, and a better life.. There is no such automatic link, warranty or entitlement. It’s just not how the insurance industry works.

Before I describe the ONE-OF-A-KIND experience you are going to have when you attend I want to ask You 3 questions…Are you willing to take everything you know about the insurance business and leave it at home and attend with a complete open mind?


If you knew an insurance agency owner to be enormously successful whom you respected and trusted who wanted to teach you ALL of his closed-door, agency secrets and eager to teach you these amazing results driven insider secrets that will instantly have a dramatic impact on your business…


On top of that, what if this person showed you how to thrive and prosper right now, poised to profit from the emerging new economy with time-tested proven and cutting-edge systems worth tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the next several years…

This Is Definitely NOT Just “Another Seminar”

One thing that makes this event so appealing is the one-of-a-kind, ‘90-Day Marketing/Action Plan’ you’ll take home with you. Oh, and the event WON’T be like other ‘starchy’ conferences where you just receive a giant amount of ‘information overload’ without any real-world substance, marketing strategies or examples. You will walk away from this event with a COMPLETE PLAN!







Bill Gough and his team at BGI Systems is committed to deepening your understanding of the industry you are really in, the Marketing Of Your Insurance Agency business! …and you will return home ARMED and EQUIPPED with the tools and resource to implement in your agency.


You’ll leave the BGI Systems Super Conference able to quickly change your business. You’ll break free of the restrictions of your former self and discover how incredibly easy it will be to make BIG money. But, the money is just the beginning…this is about a complete lifestyle makeover.

“…Just In case you’re skeptical or ‘close minded’
about all this… let’s help you decide early”

If you are truly satisfied with your insurance business today, or of the mindset that I am just in this for the money and do not care about helping other insurance agency owners just like you succeed more than you are today. That is okay. You’re not the first. It’s natural for humans to think this way. I encourage you to finish this letter and if you still feel this way after that then …candidly, this event isn’t for you. I mean no disrespect when I say that – as I have provided testimonials from agency owners and giving you a no questions asked guarantee that puts all the burden on me – but as long as you are content with your lifestyle and income, and not just settling for it because you are unwilling to invest in your true ambition – then there’s nothing wrong at all with making such a choice.

You Should Attend This Event ONLY If You Are Ready To Rapidly Transition To The Next Level – Ready To Embrace The American Dream By Living A Life Of Freedom And Your Pursuit Of Happiness.

Is Your Insurance Business Holding You Prisoner? I ask this question because…

“Most Of Us Have Two Lives…The Life We Live, And The Unlived Life
Within Us. Between The Two Lives Stand Resistance And Indecision.”

My bet is that, if you are like 98% of the insurance agents out there, you don’t really have a navigational business compass. Don’t take that personally…or get upset… please hear me out for a second…

…You see, over the past 34 years, I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of insurance agents at every level of income and experience…and the most common thing they want is to make more money, have more clients, get more referrals and have enough cash-flow to enjoy the American Dream. Here’s the big problem — THEY HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO MAKE ALL THAT HAPPEN…I DO!

NOW, if you’re like most agents – you fall into one of these two categories…

Category 1: You have NO PLAN at all! Relax, this is common… and it’s not your fault. It happens, because agents aren’t taught how to be business owners. More importantly, no one has likely ever taught you how to properly MARKET yourself and promote your business in a way that brings you  more qualified clients, positioning yourself as “The Trusted Authority.”

This type of positioning accomplishes two things. It places you in a position of practically ZERO FREE SELLING RESISTANCE, making you more ‘referable.’ When you reach this position, you will experience a DRAMATIC LEAP in your income. More about that later…

Category 2: You have a PLAN…(or even just a general goal)… but NO MARKETING or SYSTEMS to consistently generate quality clients who refer you to their friends. Without Marketing AND Systems, you’ll end up staying on the INSURANCE TREADMILL…which means no matter how hard or long you work…you always seem to make the same amount of money…or, in this past year, you may have even seen a decline in revenue.

“Who is Bill Gough and Why Should I Give Him 3 Days?”

[From Left] – Matt Winter (Allstate AFS President), Vanessa (My Wife), Me, Tom Wilson & Joe Lacher (Allstate Protection President)


I started my career in insurance in 1984 with Allstate working in a booth at the Sears Department store. I became the President & Agency Owner of a Top Producing Allstate Agency for 27+ years in the small town of Florence, AL. Since the early 90’s my agencies consistently ranked in the top 1-5% of all Insurance Agency across the

I won 117 insurance sales awards and was inducted into the Allstate Hall of Fame.



With My Proven Step-By-Step Processes, You Can
Start Taking Market Share AWAY From Your Competitors And ATTRACT

Clients Who Have Been Going Elsewhere For Their Insurance Needs

Don’t believe me? Skeptical? I don’t blame you… so, what better way to show you than to let some of our past attendees share their experiences with you. And, “YES” these are typical…we see these kind of responses and breakthroughs ALL THE TIME!

In ‘Bill’ We Trust”

The BGI Systems February 2019 Super Conference
Promises To Deliver Time-Proven, “Step-By-Step’ SYSTEMS and PROCESSES
That Remove All The Guesswork, Waste, TIME And Frustration
Creating A Sales and Marketing Plan
That Transforms Your Business!

As a local insurance agency owner, you have a distinct advantage over your competition if, (and it’s a BIG “IF”) — you connect with your customers at a very personable level. Sadly, this is where most local insurance agency owners drop the ball. This is a HUGE mistake. Instead, agents take their guidance and direction from their corporate roots.

Your customers want to do business with YOU, not a huge, faceless corporation operating behind years of brand imaging. It’s the down-home approach that connects people to people. YOUR CLIENTS ARE STARVING FOR THIS!

It’s all about knowing your customers, sitting on their front porch with them, sharing stories and “connecting” with them at a profoundly personable level. Learn how to market to your clients in a way to build real, lasting relationships, increase referrals and skyrocket sales!

This type of strategy is what separates the highly successful agents in The BGI Coaching program from their competitors. This is a philosophical strategy that resonates much deeper than just ‘shaking hands’ and ‘kissing babies.” That’s why we dedicate time at The BGI Systems February 2019 Super Conference to this very important career-changing philosophy of becoming a Marketing authority in your area..

We’re just starting to scratch the surface here…

  • You’ll get 27 “polished to perfection” PROFIT NUGGETS and BUSINESS STRATEGIES at the BGI Systems February 2019 Super Conference …too many to cover here…and, you won’t have to empty your bank account to attend. Not even close.
  • Everything you hear will be delivered in easy-to-understand “Nail It Down In Your Brainlanguage so you can take it home and quickly put it to work.
  • We WILL NOT be dealing with theory. There are libraries and bookstores full of books on theory. No. Instead, you will be ACTIVELY LEARNING THE EXACT MARKETING AND BUSINESS STRATEGIES AND BUSINESS SYSTEMS that have created very successful careers for The BGI Top Producers Club Mastermind coaching members, and countless others who attended our previous super conferences. Many of them will be in Atlanta with us attending their 5th – 8th!

You Can Be the “Best” Insurance Agent on the Planet…(or just in your neck
of the woods) and Still Work Like a Dog and Have a Mediocre Income! It is the
American Dream that we can achieve a “better, richer, and happier life,” but we

must work wiser and smarter — not harder.

If you buy into the line that since you are a “great” insurance agent, everyone in town needs you, and will beat a path to your door to give YOU their money because you’ve got a lot of experience or a few extra letters behind your name…you’re just not living in reality. And, if you “think” and treat the services you provide as a “commodity” …your clients will also see you as such — and your struggles will continue.

Many Insurance Agents Do Not (Yet) Understand The Business They Are Really In – Candidly, You’re Not Just In The Insurance Business, You Are In The MARKETING Of Your Insurance Business.

The key to BIG success is spending much more, even ALL of your time selling and MARKETING to ideal clients and prospects, eager to meet with you, ready to listen to you, accept you as an expert in the insurance business…with price resistance completely off the table.

Is such a life possible? YES!… and The BGI Systems February 2019 Super Conference will show you how to deliver Reliable, Predictable, Consistent MARKETING that Affordably and Efficiently Provides YOU with Increased Numbers of Quality Prospects and Clients…

 …In Reality, This Is Going To Be Three Seminars In One – Actually A Triple Value — One Small Investment And You Get 3 Intense Days Of

The COMPLETE Updated for 2019 BGI Systems Toolkit!

This remarkable marketing tool is literally worth the price of admission to this extraordinary event…it’s that good! Most of the time, people give me a blank look when they first see how well the 90-Day Action Planner is laid out and how EASY it is to implement. In fact, it’s so thorough, you can flip open the manual on your trip home and start laying out your 90-day action plan immediately! Implementation has never been FASTER or EASIER!

Now, I will warn you — some folks freeze up when they first see the manual simply because they’re astonished at how easy it is to follow. That’s because ALL the guesswork has been removed, ALL the confusion eliminated… it’s a step-by-step, easy-to-understand outline that will give you ‘goose bumps’… and a huge adrenalin rush the first time you see it. I use this Action Planner every day in my business.

Incidentally, I’ll NEVER share any marketing materials with you that I haven’t first tried, tested and ‘put through the wringer’ myself. This stuff is tried and True and guaranteed to get results.

I completely understand why so many otherwise-smart insurance agents consider marketing to be “hard”… or “mysterious”… or even “scary”. I did the same thing when I first started out in this business. You see, I stumbled right out of the gate when I was cutting my teeth in this business. I would have given anything for the BGI Systems 90-Day Action Planner back when I didn’t know where my next deal was going to come from.

This is why I took the time to transfer my 34 years of street experience and pour what I’ve learned into these priceless manuals. They include every shortcut, strategy, and moneymaking idea that’s been a home run for me. The Action Planer has also been a lifesaver for countless agents and owners around the country …because…

…It’s a paint-by-numbers S-Y-S-T-E-M …One you shouldn’t be without.

Be ready to have ALL the mystery and confusion about marketing removed from your mind. This is a drop-dead simple system, laid-out as clearly as humanly possible, revealing everything you need to do…I do not care if you are one of the following:

  • A complete ‘greenhorn’ rookie with absolutely zero insurance experience…
  • A freshly minted agent or owner struggling at your home-based office…
  • An established veteran owner fed up with the heartbreaking struggle (and empty bank accounts) that comes from marketing that stinks and doesn’t work.

Like the early settlers of our country, you may feel like you’ve traveled across the prairie, barefoot and dirty, through dust and storms, looking for the promised land — well, my friend, your grit and determination is about to pay off. What lies ahead of you is the most powerful and systematic business Action Plan imaginable.

“The Tools You’ll Receive At The BGI Systems
February 2019 Super Conference Are Priceless”

This event is about defining an entirely NEW, radically DIFFERENT and INFINITELY MORE POWERFUL APPROACH to the ways you do business — and by doing so, making it easier and faster for you to get to the big money. NOW!!

  • You’ll quickly make your business more profitable and put yourself in position for a very big pay raise, fast – regardless of what’s going on with your local market.
  • You’re going to receive 3 chocked-full days of “insider” short-cut secrets and strategies delivered to you by the original insurance expert many in the business would like to keep hidden from you!
  • You’ll discover how to get more quality clients and convince them to invest in more policies and other services with you once you get them.

If you look around at the agents and agency owners making the really big money, you’ll find people succeeding not by random acts of sales, but by doing business with MARKETING SYSTEMS — Doing The Right Things, Over And Over.

The key word here is SYSTEMS. By definition, a SYSTEM is an organized, reliable and consistent process delivered consistently with predictable and measurable results.

Atlanta, GA …February 8-10, 2019

“…Okay, Bill, I’m in … what’s my investment to attend?”

You can make the case that it costs nothing – because this event is going to put a whole lot of money in your pocket. In fact, you’ll likely recoup your investment faster than you can crack a whip.

You may qualify for a couple discounts…

$300.00 Early Bird Discount: If you’ll preregister, you can take a $300.00 early bird discount reducing your investment to just $1,297 one-time payment or spread the cost over 5 payments of just $279.40 per month. To qualify for the Early Bird Discount… we must have your registration by THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18TH.

$800.00 Gold/Kick-Start Member* Discount: If you are an active BGI “Gold” or “New Agent Kick-Start” Member, your investment is $797 paid in full (saves $100) or 5 payments of $179.40.

$1,000.00 Platinum* Discount: If you are an active BGI “Platinum” Member, your investment is only $597 paid in full (saves $100) or 5 payments of $139.40.

FREE! For active Top Producer Club* members… you can attend the entire 2019 BGI Systems February Super Conference for free. Simply pay a $100 seat deposit that will be refunded to you when you arrive at the event.

*Gold/Kick-Start/Platinum Members receive a suite of benefits including monthly teleseminars, newsletter, done-for-them services, etc. Top Producers Club is a “by-application only”high-level Master Mind group that gathers 3-4 times per year. To find out if you’d be a good fit for any of the groups, please call our office to schedule a complimentary 1-hour strategy session. 



1) 2 FREE Key Staff Member Seats

Bring your spouse, key business partners, key employees, or 1099 associates with you. 2 heads are better than 1… 3 better than 2… This is a huge benefit that many agents don’t take advantage of. There is no better way to reinvigorate staff than to send them to one of our events! Your first 2 staff people are FREE (a $394 value!) If you choose to bring more, 3+ staff people are just $197 each additional.

2) BGI Systems Toolkit and Manuals
(Over 34 years of accumulated information in these 4 VERY hefty manuals)

These POWERFUL publications will arm you with endless shortcuts, solutions, marketing tips, strategies and time-saving techniques that will make you and your staff far more productive! (We use these priceless manuals every day in my agencies!)

1. STREAMLINED AGENCY PROCESS MANUALThis is my manual of archived items I have used in the past that produce results each and every time you use them…(this is not found in any other resource). This is YOUR business bible that answers almost any policy, procedure and organizational question that will ever come up, and it will make your life and business run smoothly. Value $2,995.00

2. SALES MANUAL – This detailed manual includes all the sales scripts and processes proven to turn customer calls and conversations into more sales. It includes the secrets to finding and hiring a Sales Superstar paid strictly on production. Value $1497.00

3. AGENCY HIRING/TRAINING HANDBOOK – This priceless manual virtually eliminates the guesswork of what’s expected when new staff and employees arrive. This fool-proof, step-by-step, detailed guide gets newbie employees up-to-speed at a record pace. Value $895.00

4. Bill’s MASSIVE, MILLION-DOLLAR MARKETING MANUAL — This easy-to-implement manual is chocked full of marketing campaigns you can “swipe” for your business to ensure maximum Return On Investment (ROI) (Includes proven formulas that have made millions) Value $995.00

3) Complete Digital Audio and Video Recordings of the 2018 “Get on Track” Super Conference

You’ll get the recorded audio and video of our best event yet, the 2018 Super Conference in Chattanooga, TN. Every key presentation, every proven sales secret, every critical question and answer — they’re all here on pro-quality audio and high-defini¬tion video for you to add to your success library. Watch, listen, and profit for years to come.


A lobster, when left high and dry among the rocks, does not have the instinct and energy enough to work his way back to the sea, but waits for the sea to come to him. If the sea does not come, the lobster remains where he is and slowly dies, although the slightest effort would allow him to reach
the waves, which are perhaps within a yard of him.

Don’t be like the lobstersdon’t be stranded on the rocks of indecision and procrastination!