If You Have Plans April 5-7, 2018…
STOP Reading Now!  It’ll break your heart…
Because in Those 3-Days…
“I’m Giving You the Directions
To Get Your Agency On Track”

Here’s Your Advance Invitation to:
BGI Systems “Get on Track” Super Conference
April 5-7  (Thursday-Saturday) 2018 in Chattanooga, TN!

It’s not just about the money you’ll make from attending, but also about HOW you’ll make your money after this event. It’s about Getting on Track.  Better Clientele.  Easier Client Acquisition. Clarity, Certainty, Security, Autonomy.

Nothing we do beats coming together at these 3-Day Super Conferences with 1 goal in mind… “Get on Track!”

From: Bill Gough
Hall-of-Fame Allstate Agent

Dear Friend,

    In every field there are a small handful of stand-out income champions who enjoy income far in excess of all their peers and competitors – and they receive that income easier, with less work, and more autonomy.  This is NO accident.  They have happier, more enjoyable, less stressful business lives.  Why does this strange mystery exist?

    You can call it “unfair” or “unjust” and be resigned to waiting for “luck” to hit you.  You can assume that some agents are just “blessed.”  Maybe they live in an area with great rates or easier guidelines.

    OR: you can acknowledge that there is no luck.  There are… agents in every area of the country – good markets and bad markets that are leading the field.

    My life’s work is about solving this mystery, cracking the code in a usable way, leading to reliable (if radical) strategies.  I’ve found many explanations – but the most important is contained in this visible yet little understood and poorly exploited fact:

“Getting on Track” comes down to a seamless process for attracting perfectly qualified prospects, converting them to customers, and keeping them for life.

    I know, I know.  You were expecting something more.  The foundational process is truly that simple.  It’s how the puzzle fits together that really matters.

    Attracting clients with a completely different approach to marketing, advertising, and selling.  Keeping them with superior retention systems.

    We all know that IS the process…  Our 3-Day “Get on Track” Super Conference will give you actions to take: step-by-step.

    I’ve never built an event so comprehensive in scope to fully
cover every area of “Getting on Track.”  

    Our industry faces new hazards, threats, and uncertainties and new opportunities – and more importantly clients are faced with more choices with inferior value propositions that are cleverly disguised by talking reptiles and promises of savings with no emphasis on protection.  That’s the state of the industry.  If ever there was a time to elevate your gameTHIS IS IT!

    Let’s face it… if we could always give a “cheaper” quote, we’d have all the business we could handle.  Too bad that’s not the case.

    Sometimes the truth hurts: even a “trained monkey” can read questions off a computer screen, plug in the customer data, match their current coverages, and voila!  Out pops a quote.  Regurgitate the number.  If it’s lower – you win.  If it’s higher – you lose.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

    The real “secret” to this business is in being able to acquire customers REGARDLESS of price.

    The sale isn’t won or lost when you deliver the price… it’s won before you start the quote: based on what you say, how you structure the sale, and what you present to the prospective client.

    In our market, our prices are higher 90% of the time.  I’m sure we’re not the only place in the country where rates often aren’t that competitive.  We’re still able to close clients at almost 50% higher than our competitors.

    Why?  It’s simple.  We have systems in place to build value in excess of price – so customers decide to do business with us based on protection, service, value, confidence, etc.

    In just a minute, I’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of the event that I’ve built for you.  In the effort of full-disclosure though, you need to know this first:

A VERY Different Kind of Seminar… Guaranteed!

    Here’s why this is NOT an ordinary seminar, not in the least.  Most seminars end when you leave the room with ideas that dissolve into “ether” and motivation that fizzles away, so, truth be told, in a few days you return from that “type” of event to your old routine just as it was before.  Time, money, effort — all wasted.  I’ve made that same mistake, many times before…

    Our events, this one especially, are designed for a very different result.  We’re going to deliver to you, on a silver platter, the systems being used by some of the most successful agents in the country.  Not just big concepts – but the actual application to your agency, so you can take the whole process, sales strategy, script, marketing plan, and drop it into your agency “wholesale” without a learning curve or customization.

    We’ll give you short-term, medium-term, and long-term implementation plans detailed to what to do in the next few days following the event, then weeks, in a few months, and finally in many months.

    My lineup of speakers will fill your toolbox with everything you need to “Get on Track”…

Tom Bianco
Onboarding Staff

    Tom Bianco is a Mega Agency owner with 4 offices, 18 employees, and 16 million in premium. A few of his awards include 2 Inner Circles, 5 Circle of Champions, 1 National Conference, and 8 Honor Rings. Tom’s agency specializes in P&C Production.

    In Chattanooga, Tom will present his new agent onboarding process and process delegation. He’ll share with you his 30-day onboarding manual for new hires. In Tom’s own words, you’ll learn “How to grow your agency ‘one employee at a time’.”

Tolga Demirel
How to Fire Up Your Staff

Tolga runs a very successful agency writing 185 – 200 items per month in P&C business. A few of his agency awards include Best in Company for P&C Growth, Inner Circle for 2 years, Circle of Champions for 2 years, National Conference for 2 years, and Honor Ring for 2 years. He started Agency Zoom to help agency owners.

Tolga is a real fireball on stage. He’ll have your attention and have you laughing. He’s full of energy and very entertaining. The best part – he’ll be there all 3 days of the event for networking! He’s a force to be reckoned with that you don’t want to miss!

Willie Miranda
Strategic Agency Business Planning

Willie Miranda joined the BGI Platinum Coaching Program in 2011 and has been a dedicated learner of the BGI systems and processes. In his 20+ year insurance career, he has received many awards including 3 Honor Rings, conferences and the prestigious Financial Leader Award. Miranda Insurance Agency, Inc. was voted the #1 Insurance Company by reader’s choice.

Aside from his Allstate agency, he is also the Licensed Real Estate Broker and Owner of Miranda Real Estate Group, Inc. Using marketing systems and processes he has acquired over the years, he has not only trained agents all across North America, but his brokerage has sold over 8,000 homes for over 1.6 billion dollars in real estate sales.

Willie will be teaching Strategic Agency Business Planning. Running two successful businesses, Willie is a systems and processes master. He’s going to be showing you some of the best pieces he uses to crush it in his insurance agency and real estate business!

Nancy Friedman
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Customer Scorned

Nancy Friedman, president of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training, was recently voted one of meeting planners FAVORITE SPEAKERS in a national poll for Meetings & Conventions Magazine as well as being the recipient of the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame award by St Louis Small Business Monthly. She is a sought-after speaker at franchise, corporation and association meetings and conferences.
When Oprah, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, Good Morning Canada and Great Britain, CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other well-respected media need an expert on customer service and communications, they call on Nancy Friedman.
What are those wicked little phrases that instantly turn your customers off? They frustrate, they annoy, and they cost you business. As Nancy delivers the Telephone Doctor’s famous FIVE FORBIDDEN PHRASES, you’ll recognize them right away. Learn how to permanently banish them from your vocabulary, and replace them with powerful phrases that build customer loyalty and increase your sales. This content-rich program is designed to get your customers swearing BY you, not AT you!

Laura Harris
Processes are Key

Laura Harris is one of the best known agents in the country. If you don’t know her, you’ve probably at least heard of her. She’s been with Allstate for 23 years and runs a very successful agency in Texas. Her agency has received numerous awards over the years.

Laura has been referred to by some as the “Process Queen.” She lives in Canada with her husband, but runs her agency in Texas with processes to ensure it runs smoothly without her having to even be in the same country most of the time! You’re sure to get some great ideas for how your agency can run on “autopilot” from Laura’s presentation.

Jerry Brunson
Selling with Direct Mail

After 10 years in the automobile business, Jerry Brunson entered Allstate Sales Management in 1998. After completing his training he was given a territory in Huntsville, Alabama in 1999. As a result, Jerry was my sales manager for around 5 years.

When he was assigned the Huntsville market, it was one of the worst in the country (ranked around 640 out of 650). Jerry turned things around and achieved several awards including Sales Manager of the year for Alabama for 5 years in a row, top of the region twice, and top of the country once.

In January 2004 Jerry bought a small book and became an agency owner. When he sold the book in May of 2012, just 8 years later, he had grown that it to over 6 million! Jerry is a direct mail expert and understands the challenges of agency owners. The coaching call I did with him back in 2013 has been referred to as “one of the best ever heard” by some of the top agents in the country.

Dean Day
Get S*** Done, Cajun Style!

Dean has enjoyed 67% gains in new business production — in only 90 days … retention gains of nearly 5 points (hugely profitable) … and more. Today he’s soaring to the top in his market. And he’ll stay there, because he just hired his second Sales Superstar.

His proven system for implementation is, simply, INCREDIBLE. He’s so good at lightning-fast execution that he’s one of my hand-picked captains leading a Top Producers Club Mastermind team. And his all-new presentation will show you and your staff how to get more done, simply by measuring what they do. Dean’s got 20+ years of success secrets to share with you — all built on this simple idea.

One of Dean’s favorite expressions is “Laissez les bons temps rouler,” which is Cajun for “Let the good times roll.” Frankly, anybody can get on stage and give you a handful of productivity tips. But if you want to get stuff done in our “hair on fire” world of insurance … and you want to have a life while doing it … only Dean can show you that. Only here in Chattanooga.

About the event…

LIVE Mastermind Meeting on Stage:

    We’ll have a special session where several of our BGI Top Producers Club (TPC) Mastermind members will join me on stage for an impromptu Mastermind meeting helping attendees with challenges in their business.  If you’ve got challenges with your current agency – bring them along for intensive “hands-on” work from our Masterminds.

Support-Staff ONLY Break-Out Sessions:

    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: My best Sales Superstar Wendy Murphy will be leading 2 special training sessions for your staff.  And, I’ll be leading 2 advanced agent-only sessions.

“Hour of Power” – Real Agents w/ Real World Results

    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: This is always one of the most popular sessions at our events.  4-5 of our fellow agents that I’ve hand-selected will share several things that are working really well in their business.  Many of the “a-ha moments” for the event come from this hour.  It’s a session not to be missed!  (You’ll be able to network with them for the whole weekend, too!)

When & Where:

    The dates are Thursday, April 5th through Saturday, April 7th.  The training is in Chattanooga, Tennessee in an upscale 4-Star Hotel with fine amenities. (Once you’re registration is confirmed, we’ll give you all the hotel details so you can book your room.  We’ve negotiated a killer $139/night rate at this top-notch hotel.)

  •       Thursday will go from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  
  •       Friday will run from 9:00am to 5:00pm.  A private dinner for our TPC members will follow at 6:00pm with Nancy Friedman.
  •       Saturday will run from 9:00am and we’ll finish at 3:00pm.  To avoid missing any of the event, please plan your outbound flights for after 6:00pm or on Sunday.

Now About the Investment…

    You should be anticipating a hefty fee for this event.  After all, just do the math on a small increase to your production…  Or SAVED premium from higher retention ratios… Or increased life sales.

    The size of the investment doesn’t matter. What really matters is RETURN on investment value to you.  And there are 2 kinds:     

First, “money for money + time”… the income you would have generated at home and time away from business against the income you can create with what you bring home in your head and in your tool chest.  

    3 days with me and my speakers and my attendees… all like-minded… is better than 3 months at home “in” your business.

    THAT, my friend, is exactly why each of our attendees return year after year after year… My speakers and I will show you hundreds of “small turns of the screw.”  Each worth 1% here or 2% there.  Can you put them all into action?  Of course not, but your top 10 will give your personal income and agency a significant bump.

    If you come ready to receive just 10 things each worth 1% to 2% or more…then the fee itself doesn’t matter.

    If you don’t think you can find 10 “small turns of the screw” that will produce measurable growth in your business – then its best YOU stay home and not drag the rest of the group down.

    The second kind of ROI is more significant to the successful agent, but it’s a bit less “measurable”: it is not about the money you’ll make, but about HOW you’ll make your money after this event.  It’s about a Better Business.  Better Clientele.  Easier Client AcquisitionClarity, Certainty, Security, Autonomy.

    You’ll likely be surprised the investment is just $1597.  Yes, only $1597 – I imagine you expected it to be much more.

You may qualify for a couple discounts…

Non-Member Early-Early Bird Discount: $300.00 If you’ll pre-register this far in advance, you can take a $300.00 early bird discount reducing your investment to just $1297 one-time payment. Or you can spread the cost over 6 payments of just $232.83 per month ($100 added for bookkeeping fee). To qualify for the EARLY Early Bird Discount… we must have your registration by THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH.

Gold/Kick-Start Member* Discount: $800.00  If you are an active BGI “Gold” or “New Agent Kick-Start” Member, you can deduct $700.00 dropping your investment to a one-time payment of $797 or 6 monthly payments of just $149.50 ($100 added for bookkeeping fee).

Platinum Member* Discount: $1,000.00 If you are an active BGI “Platinum” Member, your investment is just $597 paid in full or 6 payments of $116.17.

FREE! For active Top Producer Club* members… you can attend the entire 2018 BGI Systems “Get on Track” Super Conference for free.  Simply pay a $100 seat deposit that will be refunded to you when you arrive at the event.

*Gold/Kick-Start/Platinum Members receive a suite of benefits including monthly teleseminars, newsletter, done-for-them services, etc.  Top Producers Club is a “by-application-only” high level Mastermind group that gathers 3-4 times per year.  For information on becoming a member, call 877-208-9649 or email support@bgisystems.com.

    There is a hard room cap of 150 people total due to fire code and 55 are spoken for.  I realize this is probably priced a little low and we will likely fill up fast.  I’m okay with that.  I’d rather fill the event quickly and be able to focus my energy on building the best event we’ve put on yet!

Register by THURSDAY, JANUARY 4TH to receive 2 Bonuses…

Bonus #1:
2 FREE Key Staff Member Seats

    Bring your spouse, key business partners, key employees, or 1099 associates with you.  2 heads are better than 1… 3 better than 2…  This is a huge benefit that many agents don’t take advantage of.  There is no better way to reinvigorate staff than to send them to one of our events!  Your first 2 staff people are FREE (a $394 value!)  If you choose to bring more, 3+ staff people are just $197 each additional.

Bonus #2:
BGI Systems Toolkit…
ALL the Tools and Systems You’ll Need…

    We’ve assembled all of the tools and systems you’ll need to run an ultra-successful agency like the Hall of Fame agency I owned.  At the Super Conference we’ll give you our “Conductor’s Manual” of Million Dollar Marketing and Management Tools!  It’s a GIGANTIC TOOLKIT… manuals, templates, and marketing materials that are customizable… Whether you’re newbie in business or a grizzled veteran: every manual and document you’ll ever need for running and managing your agency AND marketing, growing, and retaining your book…  It will give you an “unfair” competitive advantage in your market!

    You’ll get our Operations Manual, Training Manual, Marketing Manual, Sales Manual, and our Employee Handbook.  (The manuals alone are 427 pages… plus all sales, marketing, and process tools!)

    We UPDATE this massive resource EVERY YEAR.  It’s fresh, and filled with 100% PROVEN ads, reference tools, special reports, marketing checklists, headlines, sales-letters, postcards, flyers, voice-broadcast scripts, and much, much more…

    These are PROVEN marketing pieces that have already made a boat load of money for us — and hundreds of followers and coaching members.

    Just pop the thumb drive into any computer’s USB drive…  Open the file you want, change my contact info to yours… click print… and in under 2 minutes… you have customized marketing and business documents ready-to-go!  Everything on the thumb drive is generously provided Copyright Free for use in your agency!

    This ONE resource alone is worth more than 10 times the price of admission to the “Get on Track” Super Conference.  And, it’s yours FREE when you join us in Chattanooga.

Please Allow Me to TAKE-AWAY ALL RISK…
(Call me crazy but I’m giving you two guarantees… My Boldest YET!!)

#1: “No Questions Asked Unconditional Guarantee!”

    I’m so confident in the business-changing impact of my “Get on Track” Super Conference, that I’m upping the ante on my usual guarantee.  Come spend all 3-days with my team of engineers.  

    In the unlikely event that you can’t see value in what we’ve shared with you – all you need to do is ask — and you’ll be given a full and complete “no questions asked” refund of your investment.  

    No hard feelings.  We’ll even part friends.  PLUS, I’ll even pay up to $500.00 towards documented travel expenses as my penalty for wasting your time.  (This guarantee is unheard of in the seminar business.  No one in their right mind would let you stay for the WHOLE event, and let you ask for a refund after you’ve got all our secrets… EXCEPT ME!)

#2: “Triple Your Money Back Guarantee!”

    After you leave the event, take a whole year, 365-days… Put everything you discovered to work in your business… See the powerful impact of our secrets… The growth, the higher retention, the huge boost to your life insurance and AF production…

    After a full year, if you haven’t increased your commissions by AT LEAST $15,000.00 per year that you know you wouldn’t have had otherwise without my help, I’ll give you TRIPLE (yes triple!) your money back.  Simply show me some proof that you tried three strategies and couldn’t boost your revenue $15,000.00.

    So, you have a rarity of rarities, a genuine bargain.  You have a remarkably generous guarantee.  I’m bringing you an event like no other.  We’ve put more work and planning into this event than any other.  

    We’ve built this event to cover all parts of “Getting on Track,” from prospecting and marketing, to selling, to management, and processes, and retention, and financial.

    Well, that’s everything you need to know.  The final step in your decision will now be about you, not about the event.  Are you willing to invest the time and effort to “Get on Track?”  

    Not just a business that makes more money – it’s how you make the money.  More stability, security, autonomy.  If that’s important to you, fill out the enrollment form and…

    You’re up against 2 deadlines:  Thursday January 4, 2017 is the “discount deadline”… for fast response saving us the time and expense of sending you more registration notices, you can take an early-bird discount (more if you’re a coaching member).  The 2nd deadline is a hard cap on how many people we’re allowed to have in the room.  Just 150.  So the race is on…

Yours in success,




Bill Gough

P.S. #1:  Oh, and I should also mention, 85 of the 150 seats are already spoken for from agents* that pre-registered from our last event and signed up early.  (*They registered “sight-unseen” without knowing any speakers or content.  All they knew were the dates and location, but they saw the value in being in the room with all the other successful agents I assemble, so the details didn’t matter to them.)

P.S. #2:  If investing in being at “Get on Track” Super Conference is a financial strain for you, there’s no shame in that. The only shame is staying that way!  And if you’ve been in business for a while and it’s still a financial strain for you, then that’s the best argument of all for making sure you aren’t left out in the cold. Never have to worry about money again.

P.S. #3:  If you’re already running a successful agency, you undoubtedly already know the value of the “slight edge.”  There’s nowhere else you can equip yourself with the tools needed to grow and prosper.