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What Is The Annual BGI Systems Super Conference?

There is no industry conference that matches the caliber, content or value available in 3 days. No boring speakers or subjects at this event: everything is staged to educate, motivate and equip insurance agency owners to make 2018 their best ever and continue to grow their business.

Over 100 successful agency owners and key staff members in the country will fly to Chattanooga to invest 3 days into learning how to become better marketers, grow their business, acquire more clients and substantially increase their bottom line. This is not like a free reward trip or kickoff meeting. These decision makers will have paid up to $1,597 out of their own pocket to be there and are highly motivated to increase sales and retention. Unlike other insurance related conferences, where all of the speakers claim to train you, this conference features only tested and proven ideas focused on helping my clients increase their personal wealth and business success.

Partnering with BGI Systems in 2018 extends the opportunity for your company to connect with – and sell to – a targeted audience of over 100 agency owners, who are willing to invest their time and money to attend and learn how to grow their business.

Who Should Sponsor This Event?

  • Sponsors And Vendors Who Want To Get In Front Of MORE Attendees! This event we anticipate over 100 agency owners; and that’s a REAL number, not made up of other sponsors, staff and other “non-prospects”. If you add all those in it’s close to 150 attendees!
  • Companies Who Want To Engage With BETTER Quality Insurance Agency Owners Who KNOW How To Market And Sell. Unlike the vast majority of whiners and complainers, our clients actually have invested a lot of time and effort into growing their business.
  • Sponsors Who Want To Participate In An Event With Fewer Sponsors To Compete With. We won’t have you stuffed into a sponsor hall with 100 other competitors. You’ll get front-and-center access for 3 full days.

The agents who come to BGI Systems Super Conferences range from
rookies to seasoned veterans. But they have one thing in common and
that’s a willingness to invest in themselves and their businesses for success. They are serious about improving their business and many are looking for just one program or idea to implement quickly that will transform the way they’re doing business now.

The BGI Systems Super Conference brings together more than 100 insurance agency owners who are motivated and want to take action. These agency owners WANT to learn what you can do to help them grow their agencies, improve retention, build relationships with their clients, and more. This is not your typical vendor scenario: it’s certainly not a “cattle call” as you have probably experienced as a vendor at other events in the past… you have access to our agents for 3 whole days.

We know how vendors have been treated in the past at most events. We can assure you that this event is like no other! We set you up for success and guarantee this will be the very best event you’ve ever attended.


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What Our Vendor
Partners Say

“It’s like being mauled at every break.”
We have been coming to BGI events since 2010 and the support one gets from BGI is above and beyond. The attendees at these events, it’s like a “pre-qualified” person because they’ve all been told about my stuff. They’ve been introduced to it. During the breaks I come out and I’m just bombarded with questions like “How do I sign up?” and “How do I use your… because I heard about you from an email that was sent through BGI” or “this person talked to me and told me I have to use you” or “Bill put your stuff up on the screen and I need that postcard”. I wish I had another person with me because it’s like being mauled at every break. You don’t get that at any other event that you go and vendor at.
Shannon Grace
Owner of New Customers Now


“I come back every year to learn how to grow my business.”
I’m happy to be here at the BGI Conference. I’ve sponsored it probably four years in a row now. It is incredible. The reason why I keep coming back is not only just to be a sponsor, but you learn so much from the other individuals in the room. I just saw some incredible speakers get off the stage. They talked about overcoming obstacles, and also about when you face those obstacles about not giving up. I come back every year to network directly with individuals, plus to learn about how to grow both my consulting company and insurance agency. BGI brings in the right resources each and every time.
Mel Clemmons
Owner of SAMM Consulting


“Number of agents sign up…”
The BGI Event was a hit for us. We had a number of agents sign up for our Birthday Call service.  Bill and his team seem to only invite vendors that offer real value to the agents and their staff.
Mark Snyder
President – Versicom Communications


“The team at BGI treats us like a partner.”
We’ve attended all of BGI’s conferences since 2008 because the agents that attend these events understand the value of investing in their business. The team at BGI treats us like a partner rather than someone to write them a check. It’s a great event with a lot of positive attitudes. It’s good to see everybody and be around them.
Paul Clarke
Owner of PPC Loan


Past Event Sponsors